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I’m so upset and hurt and I know that sounds selfish because I know that the guys are having a hard time as well but this is just not funny or understandable! I love them and I want them to continue for a very long time but if they still want this then I’ll most likely always be supportive of everything they do it’s just shocking and breathtaking and hard to believe. Now I will finish my little cry session and try to move on with my life which I know I won’t… but man I didn’t even get to meet them like oh my gosh I didn’t meet my favorite boyband I’ve had all these years 2009-2014 and yet no VIP. I guess I’m still happy I got to go to all the shows here in Dallas and we’ll always have Heffron Drive as far I know right?! I’m sorry for rambling but I need to mourn over this BTR was one of the best and I mean best role models to me. They were never fake, just thenselves. They put Rushers first, which shows their huge amount of love for us! I just can’t believe my eyes I can’t take not have them together or at least knowing they’re together. I guess I saw it coming but I didn’t at the same time. So I guess that’s it then. Goodbye Big Time Rush thank you for the amazing music, tv show, movies, concerts, laughter, love friendship, and most of all being yourselves! I’ll love you forever and ever and I’ll miss you so so so much! #bigtimerush #kendallschmidt #jamesmaslow #carlospena #loganhenderson #BTR #Elevate #24/Seven #Rushers #5years #illbethinkingaboutyouworldwide

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